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Minivan Express Freight

We provide the most optimum Minivan Express service for your goods below 1300 kgs.
Our transit time for the scheduled deliveries would 48 hours for Europe – Turkey (Istanbul,Izmır,Ankara,Bursa)

Minivan Express freight provides you more secured and economical alternative than air freight. Express freight has less formalities and procedures than air freight as well.
Our service is valid for all European countries and our fleet has 10 minibus by the GPRS equipment.
We are able to trace your goods in any time you need.
Our drivers are well educated and experience by the needs of Express freight. We deliver your goods to the final destination. (Door to door)
Dimensions of our Express minivans are:
Tip 1:
• 4,50×1,74×1,80m and max. 1,3 tons gross weight
Tip 2:
• 3,70×1,74×1,80m and max. 1,3 tons gross weight

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