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Air Freight

Nowadays, Air freight is being interested more and more because of the improved quality and service levels all over the World.

Air freight brings the speed to your deliveries which makes it more quicker than the other freights. Air freight becomes more preferable in the competition even though the it is most expensive transportation type in terms of the unit weight of the price. Most modern airports and warehouses by the tools of latest technologies. havayolu kargo taşımacılığı yaygın bir şekilde tercih ediliyor.

Air Freight


Air freight is one of our preferred services which we make differences on short term deliveries.

    • Short delivery time with speed
    • Optimized and secured deliveries
    • Air freight insurance costs are pretty lower than the regular transports
    • Planned and scheduled movements
    • Yükleme ve taşımada daha özenli ve titiz çalışılır
    • Tüm kargo hareketleri planlı ve tarifelidir.
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