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Multimodal and Intermodal Freight

Logistics continously improve in parallel with the commerce network.
Intermodal or multimodal freight would be preferred depending on the location and type of goods in a most optimum way.

Multimodal: Goods are transported via different locations by various loading options especially for bulky materials. Single agreement is prepared for the whole transportation including all transportation modes for loading and unloading places.

Intermodal: Goods are not unloaded from the container or vehicle rather than multimodal freight. The main advantages of intermodal are on cost,delivery time and environmental benefits.

Multimodal and Intermodal

Differences on Freight Models


  • All freight types can be combined.
  • Goods are transferred into different freight modes and units.
  • Only one freight agreement would be done for all freight between loading and unloading addresses.
  • The whole freight progress is managed by one dedicated forwarder.


  • Sea freight-Road freight and railway freight can be combined.
  • More than one forwarder might be responsible for each freight mode.
  • Goods are not transferred from the handling unit.
  • More than one freight agreement would be done for the whole transportation between loading and unloading places.
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